Monday, February 10, 2020

WE 3 CRJ 545 rESPONSE Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

WE 3 CRJ 545 rESPONSE - Essay Example Listing of the bodies involved in the crime scene investigations could also be imperative (Gardner, 2011). Owing to the complexity and disparity in various crimes, it is critical for the CSI teams and other forensic practitioners to have a well-constructed approach to the reconstruction of a Crime Scene, in order to ascertain the mode in which the exact crime occurred (Gardner, 2011). The writer portrays vast awareness of the processes that occur in the crime scene reconstruction. The systematic approach of crime scene reconstruction from the assessment to analysis of collected evidence seems appealing (Gardner, 2011). However, the writer ought to include the protocol observed in the reconstruction of various crime scenes. The ethics observed in crime scene reconstruction is also significant (Gardner, 2011). As indicated, crime scene documentation is critical in the reconstruction of the scene, or for the utilization as evidence in the courtrooms. The writer has a clear record of the significance of crime scene documentation, thereby highlighting the relevant information to be documented, while leaving insignificant information (Gardner, 2011). The tools and modes of documentation are also appealing. However, the writer is not exhaustive on the technological modes of the scene’s data collection and documentation. Besides, it will also be crucial to highlight the protocols and ethics involved in crime scene documentation (Gardner,

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